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From my experience and workload requirements, if you don't use your PC for productivity then Win11 is probably fine. Best.
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  • Run (R): Opens Run, a feature that lets you open folders and run programs with commands.
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    I am running Windows 11 on a desktop gaming PC with an AMD 6700XT and a 144Hz monitor.

  • It was ok yesterday but all of a sudden the screen went blue.
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    I see a lot of people having this issue on windows 11.

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    The biggest thing people complain about (not the normal "hur dur win 11 bad" nonsense) is the the removal of a bunch of UI features that makes Win11 extremely annoying and frustrating to use.

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    5 iMac from 2011 running High Sierra.

  • The update patched a few actively exploited security issues.
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    Jan 22, 2022 · Fix White Screen of Death on Windows 11/10.